Zhenjiang HTT Tool Co., Ltd. Was built in the year of 2012 as we gathered a team of experienced and creative young people, who had had experience in those well-known global tool brands.

Zhen Jiang HTT Tool Co., Ltd. Has its tool manufacturers that make OEM and ODM production for global high-end brand tools with our strict quality management, powerful production capability, and perfect cooperation ability. It has the sister plants of Zhen Jiang XTT Tool Co., Ltd., and its international sales company of Hong Kong Three Win Industry Supply Co., Ltd. In Hong Kong of China.

Zhen Jiang HTT Tool Co., Ltd. Has more than 4, 000 square meters of factory buildings and warehouses in Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province, and about 70 workers who specialize in the production of various drill bits, hammer chisels, etc. We also have production workshops, R&D Department, Testing Center, and Warehousing Department in the local area. It is also specializing in the production, research and development, testing, packaging, and storage of power tool accessories.

All these tool products refer to the inch size of the ANSI standard and the metric size of the DIN standard to meet the needs of the market for different size systems. In addition, these tools also have licenses required by different countries and markets, such as MPa for saw blades, OSA for cutting discs, and PGM for hammer bits/percussion bits.

HTT also respects the special requirements of different markets, provides customized services, and strives to develop together with our customers.

HTT aims to provide global consumers with more flexible products and services with continuous innovation and more competitive prices based on high-quality products.

HTT has always insisted on guaranteeing factory-direct prices and better service to every customer from all over the world.
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